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Beware of Promotions Offered by

The Software Company That Makes

Dragon NaturallySpeaking




The Problem

In early January of 2006, I had failed to read, - very carefully, a promotional offer by the company that makes Dragon NaturallySpeaking, That oversight cost me the unexpected loss of $50 and my IBM ViaVoice Professional Software. As I thought about how they treated me, I became angry, frustrated, and unsure of anything that I could do about it until months later, when Nuance Communications, Inc., e-mailed me another offer for their newest Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software.


The e Ėmail reminded of the last time I had dealt with them, and I became angry and frustrated all over again. I decided to call and try resolving the issue with them.  I ask them to give me the $50 I felt that I am entitled to, - or return my IBM Via Voice version 9 Pro Software. They would do neither, but this time Iím not letting it go.

 A Workable Solution

It occurred to me that I might could relieve some of my pinned-up anger and frustration, - receive at least $50 dollars worth of satisfaction, and at the same time perform a public service by telling my story to whom I term potential victims of this company, in other words, you, me anyone, everyone.


To get my message out, all I had to do was write my story, and then, post it everywhere that I could for anyone that wanted to read it. I also decided to provide a place for feedback at the end of My Story. Anyone that wants to state their opinion regarding my loss, or maybe they would just like to make a comment, they can agree, disagree, or whatever and thereby fight against, or participate in my rebellion towards the one time ScanSoft, Inc; and now known as, Nuance Communications, Inc.


Below is a copy of My Story, regardless of the position you take, agree, or disagree, - I sincerely hope that it will keep you from making the same kind of mistake that I did with the company that was at one time ScanSoft, Inc; and now known as, Nuance Communications, Inc.

My Story

Those of us that are trying to survive on a Social Security income know how hard it is to make ends meet. The use of $50 to $200 Dictation Software, could be considered an unnecessary luxury for someone in our financial position. Nonetheless, - with my poor, handwriting, spelling, and typing skills, I consider the use of Dictation Software more-or-less a must for me. I think of Dictation Software as a productive indulgence that I have given myself, and I am willing to make reasonable sacrifices to afford it.



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